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Build your own experience

At the Bolt we're all about creating experiences curated to individual needs and interests. If none of our out of the box experiences quite do it for you, then we are more than happy to work with you to design something especially for you.

Think of it like the best all you can eat buffet you’ve been to, you can have a look at what we can offer, and pick just the bits that you like.

So, if you would like to just relax and get away from your every day we can do that. Or if you would like to get out and about we can arrange activities that keep you interested across the whole experience. Also, don’t forget that it is not just about the activities that we do we also curate the food we provide, if you have dietary requirements that’s not a problem, if you like to eat curry for breakfast that also is not a problem! The length of stay is also something we can tailor to meet your needs, 1 night or 10, we’ll be delighted to have you as our guest for as long as you wish. Lastly, the people you go with. You can opt for a 1:1 experience or choose to travel with others. If you have friends that have an NDIS Plan then we can organise a mates trip.

You get the gist, we’re a super flexible bunch at the Bolt, whatever your interests then the Bolt has you covered.