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Seeking people looking for an experience to connect in an inclusive environment, join The Bolt and enjoy what this experience has to offer.

The Bolt uses this term acknowledge the many different groups, that make up the LGTBQIA+ community. LGB refer to sexual identity, T to an individual’s gender identity, Q for queer or questioning, I represents intersex and the A is for asexual or an ally. Why explain this? Well it’s the best way to say that if someone identifies as LGTBQIA+ then they are very welcome to join The Bolt on this experience.

This experience is all about connection. People who are from the LGTBQIA+ community and have a disability, can face challenges that influence the services and supports they seek, and the service providers they choose. Across all our experiences The Bolt doesn’t abide discriminatory behaviour from staff or guests. However, we want all our guests to have the opportunity to attend experiences where they feel comfortable and at ease, hence the LGTBQIA+ experience.

As guests on this experience you will basically build your own adventure. Across your stay you will connect with other guests enjoying the chosen location of your experience and all there is to offer. Our guests will work with The Bolt staff to ensure that activities are chosen that the whole group can enjoy and engage with. In addition, and as always, guests will be treated to The Bolts sprinkle of luxury, and we are certain rest and relaxation will be enjoyed by all.