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Outdoors and Adventure

Seeking all mother nature lovers, join The Bolt in an experience that is all about getting into the great outdoors.

Guests better pack some good walking shoes for this experience.  We take to the trails and paths in some of Victoria’s most beautiful countryside.  We will see babbling brooks, kangaroos, native birds and if we look hard enough, we even may come across Wombats.  We can’t promise wildlife on every experience but what we can promise is that guests who love the outdoors and walking will love this experience.

Every day of this experience we will be in the great outdoors.  Walks and experiences will be tailored to meet the needs of all guests prior to the experience.  So, if you are a hiker and look to get out for longer distances, or more of a gentle stroller who likes to stop regularly and enjoy the scenery, we’ve got you covered.  We take all the right precautions at The Bolt ensuring that all our guests are safe and matched to an experience that matches their capability.

At The Bolt, we’re always thinking about food, and being in the outdoors is sure to make everyone ravenous and don’t you worry we’ve got you covered.  Tasty breakfasts to fill guests up for the days adventure is a great way to start the day.  We’ll pack lunch and treats to make sure everyone keeps their tank full, think about eating home cooked muffins looking out over beautiful scenery.  Finally, when the guests return to their boutique accommodation, they will be treated to wholesome home cooked delights and a well-earned rest.

Outdoors and Adventure experiences are for guests that enjoy being out in the fresh air.  When booking an experience, The Bolt will always be sure to check in and ensure guests preferences meet the expected levels of activity.