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How it works


To take part in any experience provided by the Bolt an NDIS participant must undertake an introductory stage.  Safety for The Bolt is paramount, and we ensure that what we do is right for the participant, and the participant can determine if what we offer is right for them.  During this introduction stage our aim is to get to know the participant, understand their needs and requirements and their interest areas, likes, dislikes and goals.

It is not essential that we see a participant’s NDIS Plan, but we do want to ensure that what we provide aligns to their goals.  Once the introduction is complete, if appropriate, we can start to lock in some experiences for the participant, or, as we like to call them, guests.


When attending a Bolt experience the secret to our success is all about being prepared. We know our guest and we have made sure that prior to the experience they are well prepared, and provided all relevant information. We do pick up and drop off from agreed locations, and once everyone is on board, all there is left to do is have an enjoyable, relaxing and restorative experience.

To make sure everyone has a good time and are well supported our experiences are run to strict staff to guest ratios. We do our absolute best to ensure everyone is having a positive experience, and we make sure to check in regularly to ensure guests needs and requirements are being met. We ensure all our experiences are accurately assessed, and ensure that they are designed to meet all capabilities prior to welcoming guests.

Post Experience

Engagement with the Bolt does not finish with the experience. We want to ensure that guests settle back into their home post a Bolt experience, and we want to ensure that all guests are provided the opportunity to give feedback. We are strong believers in co-design, and through feedback we believe we can continue to make our experiences better and better.

Remembering we are all about community, we want our guests to continue to feel that they are part of the Bolt community, and that they can continue to use our services as often as they want to.

We will work with guests and their Support Coordinators to ensure that all future services continue to contribute to the achievement of NDIS Plan goals.