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What we do

The Bolt knows that there are lots of NDIS participants who are looking to get involved in community-based activities that are fun, interesting and suitable for them.  The Bolt matches individuals to experiences and to other participants who are interested in the same things; and utilises NDIS funding available for each participant.  The Bolt offers one-on-one, group experiences and short-term accommodation.


Who does not need to get away now and again?  A change of scenery, new places, new friends and new experiences can be just the tonic when looking to recharge the batteries.  The Bolt specialises in providing short breaks to NDIS participants (we call them guests) aimed at supporting them to do just this and work towards meeting their NDIS goals.

Our short break bolts are across Victoria (maybe further in time) and are all hosted at boutique properties.  We believe that everyone deserves a treat now and again so in addition to the boutique properties guests can expect curated experiences with a focus on the finer things in life.  Participants will be treated to delicious food made with organic produce, their own entertainment hub and quality activities designed to meet their NDIS goals. 

Short Break Bolts are designed around the guest’s requirements and interests.  The idea is that we match guests to experiences that align with their interest areas and other guests who enjoy the same things.  Having said this we know through our research that the type of activities undertaken become less important when guests feel that they are part of a community, for us this is where the magic happens.  We love our guests engaging and connecting with others and we welcome them back as future group bookings, who does not love a short break with friends?  

Our Short Break Bolts are all about rest, relaxation and restoration.  However, we are very mindful that in addition our guest experiences must support progression towards their NDIS Plan goals.  As such, our Short Break Bolts are never the same and are curated to consider individual guest goals.  Our breaks focus on different things, including but not limited to.

  • Building healthy habits – From making the bed in the morning to thinking positive thoughts we want our guests to leave with a focus on doing the little things.
  • Wellness – Guided morning meditation to healthy juices our guests will leave floating on a cloud.
  • Fitness – Long walks, bike rides, gym sessions, you name it we can do it. All tailored to meet guests’ requirements and support them to continue.
  • Social connection – Book Club to Sci-Fi to AFL to art our breaks will connect our guest over common interests.

Spaces are limited on our Short Break Bolts to ensure participants have a great time and are appropriately supported by The Bolt crew. There are not out of pocket expenses for participants on any of our Day Bolts with activities, accommodation, food and refreshments provided.