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Who are we?

Introducing our values


At the Bolt, we want our guests to keep coming back, while working to ensure every experience is authentic, memorable and as comfortable as a favourite old jumper. We’re a new service, and we’re forging our way, and we hope that you will come along for the ride.


Having an inflated sense of our own importance is something we’re very keen to steer clear of. The Bolt strives to practice humility in all that we do and ensure we take responsibility for any mistakes and correct them, patiently listen to our guests and practice generosity, helpfulness and gratitude.


Telling jokes is allowed on our experience, but this is not the reason why humour is one of our values. It is because smiling and laughing triggers healthy physical changes in the body. We want our guests to have an enjoyable experience and smiling faces and sounds of laughter are a measure of success (and whole lot of fun).


Creation of a community that supports participants to meet and exceed their goals.


The Bolt is on a mission to create the best curated group experiences that provide high quality care, connection, fun and engaging activities for NDIS participants.

The purpose of The Bolt is to provide NDIS participants (our guests) with enjoyable, relaxing and restorative experiences that help them achieve their NDIS goals.  We curate high-quality experiences tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our guests,  ensuring choice and control is respected.  We focus on creating a community where guests can connect and make friends with others in a safe and facilitated environment.

We believe that everyone deserves a treat now and again, so The Bolt curates experiences with a focus on the finer things in life.  Guests will be treated to boutique accommodation, delicious food made with organic produce, their own entertainment hub, and high-quality curated activities designed to meet their NDIS goals.

The Bolt is a registered NDIS provider specialising in short term accommodation and group experiences. Our staff are appropriately qualified, and are committed to providing guests with experiences to remember.

About the founders

Neil and Kristin founded The Bolt because they believe that people experiencing mental ill health, or with a disability, can choose experiences that are the treats we all deserve sometimes.  Both founders have worked in and around health for pretty much their whole career, Neil has extensive experience of the NDIS, having worked with many of Australia’s foremost community mental health providers.

Neil and Kristin, want their guests to have a relaxing, restorative and enjoyable time whilst staying with The Bolt.  They have partnered with mainstream providers, who are at the top of their game, to curate experiences that guests can revel in.  From the moment we pick guests up, all the way through their Bolt journey, we want guests to feel like they are being showered with restoration, support and encouragement. After all, everyone deserves a treat now and again, right?

NDIS funding is here to support participants to meet their goals, and Neil and Kristin are adamant that The Bolt will support its guests in doing so.  The Bolt is not just about boutique accommodation, organic produce or cute doggos, it’s also about community.  Guests will feel like they are part of something when they are with The Bolt; we want them to connect with other like-minded folk, build social connections and jump into activities that will put a smile on their faces.

Lastly, Neil and Kristin would like to introduce Buddy, Boo, and Frank who are the co-founders of The Bolt and Chief Cuddle Officers.  These furry guys love meeting new people and they are looking forwards to greeting you.

We look forward to welcoming you as our guests.


Neil, Kristin, Boo, Buddy and Frank.

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